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Ivtehservis, OOO

About enterprise Ivtehservis, OOO

The LLC Ayti Service company offers cooperation. We offer different types of machining of metal.


153032, Ivanovo, Stankostroiteley St., 7, INN 3702539617, KPP 370201001

r/c40702810400000002288 in JSC CB IVANOVO, Ivanovo,

Corr. Account No. 30101810000000000705, BIC 042406705,

"Ivtekhservice" - the modern, dynamically developing Russian machine-tool constructing company. LLC Ayti service is included into Ivtekhservice group of companies and is engaged in metal machining (turning - the maximum diameter of 630 mm, the milling-maximum weight of a detail of 500 kg.).

LLC Ayti-service offers metalworking machines of mechanical shop under loading:

- turning with ChPU 16A20

- turning with ChPU 16K30

- turning and screw-cutting 1K62

- turning and screw-cutting 1M63

- milling with ChPU GF2171

- horizontally milling 6M82

- vertically milling BM 127

- radially drilling 252

- vertically drilling

- intra grinding 3D227

- circular grinding 3U133

- ploskoshlifovalny 3L722

- grooving 7402

- lentopilny Superstar (to o250)

- zubofrezerny 5K32,

and also equipment of sites of heat treatment, electroplated coating, welding and cold forging.

Heat treatment site:

- the furnace of chamber type for training;

- the furnace mine for annealing.

Site of electroplated coating - chemical oxide.

Welding site:

- semiautomatic devices;

- welding by electrodes.

Site of cold forging:

- openwork station wagon;

- openwork-3;

- the machine are flexible ulit;

- pipe bender;

- guillotine;

- listogib.

The collective has high professional level. Most of workers - the former employees of the Ivanovo plants.

Many years we successfully cooperate with JSC Avtokran and with LLC Lit-VEMZ.

In the list of our production of a detail for hydraulic cylinders, magnetic consolidations, axes, shaft, plugs and so forth.



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